How to crack wifi password using aircrack

  • A device that has wireless-network enabled (laptop, smartphone, etc.)
  • You will need to be within the transmission radius of a wireless network access point (a WiFi router)
  • If the network is password protected, then you’ll need its password to gain access.
  • Open System Authentication (OSA) — OSA helps you gain access to any WEP network as well as receive files that aren’t encrypted
  • Shared Key Authentication (SKA) — SKA allows a computer equipped with a wireless modem to gain full access to any WEP network and exchange both encrypted and unencrypted data.
  1. The client sends an authentication request to the Access Point.
  2. The Access Point replies with a clear-text challenge.
  3. The client encrypts the challenge-text using the configured WEP key and sends it back in another authentication request.
  4. The Access Point decrypts the response. If this matches the challenge text, the Access Point sends back a positive reply.


Start airodump-ng to collect authentication handshake

The purpose of this step is to run airodump-ng to capture the 4-way authentication handshake for the AP we are interested in.



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